Buying a home is a huge investment. You need to make sure you select a broker that has your best interest at heart, someone you trust, and someone who will take you step-by-step and give you  necessary detail throughout the transaction. Every broker has their own style of business but here are 7 key roles that every broker should be doing…

1. Educates you about your market.

Market educating should be onReal-Estate-Website-Designe of the most important topics during your first meeting with an agent. Understanding the market will prepare you for what is to come during your home search, offers, and negotiations.

2. Analyzes your wants and needs.

Your ‘dream home’ may not fit into your ideal budget, and this is where it is important to establish your ‘wants’ versus ‘needs.’ Having an agent to help you talk through different options is key. An agent who has experience can assist with helping the client understand what is reasonable and what is stretching it for their budget.

3. Guides you to homes that fit your criteria.

There is no use of wasting anyone’s time by viewing homes that obviously do not hit most of the criteria of what you’re looking for. That is why it is so important for an agent to understand you, your lifestyle, and the type of home you see yourself growing in.

4. Coordinates the work of other needed professionals.

There are multiple individuals that are involved with the home purchase process. From title companies, to lenders, to agents — It is important to align yourself with the right individuals to make the transaction as smooth as possible. Ask your potential real estate broker about who their allied resources are. It is definitely beneficial to know!

5. Negotiates on your behalf.

Especially in the market we are currently in, it is paramount to have a broker who has strong negotiating skills. It is no surprise to have a home receive multiple offers within the first few days of it being on the market. Negotiating and knowing the right things to say are

6. Checks and double-checks paperwork and deadlines.

Having an agent who is meticulous can definitely come in handy! There would be nothing worse than missing out on a home because of your agent not getting in the correct paperwork or leaving out necessary details on a transaction. Make sure you align yourself with a person you fully trust to take care of you from the buyer’s consultation all the way til after closing.

7. Solves any problems that may arise.

Your agent needs to be 100% on your side and have your best interest as their #1 priority. If any problems arise during the transaction, you needs someone who will handle it as if it was their own investment.


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